Since the age of 12, Meike van Roij has been advised to jump into modelling, but it only last year that she took it upon herself to apply online to Red11. Although she admits that it is a bit cliché, Van Roij believes her biggest achievement is yet to come. She hopes to get the opportunity to travel overseas with modelling and experience different cultures. She also plans to study medicine at university and use the combination of the two to raise awareness for those who are in conditions in which they struggle to survive, develop and learn.

Van Roij finds that being a model not only gives you the opportunity to meet interesting people, but to broaden your perspective and give you a platform to raise awareness for wat you find important. Many people inspire van Roij such as Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey and of course her parents. "It is the characteristic of being able to take a passion and drive it forward that inspires me," she explained.

Raise Up is a company that focuses on creating opportunities for young people by young people, which van Roij plays a part in. She is excited for the Walk The Line show at NZFW which showcases up and coming young designers and is the largest Raise Up event of the year.