Emma Lewisham Leads the Beauty Industry with its World-first Carbon Positive Product Range

In a world-first for a beauty brand, Emma Lewisham proudly announces its carbon positive product range and 100% circular designed business model. Emma Lewisham has also publicly released its IP for its 100% circular designed product packaging and carbon positive model, enabling small and large competitors alike to capitalise from Emma Lewisham’s investment and to start making widespread change within the beauty industry.

Emma Lewisham is officially the world’s first carbon-positive beauty brand and also the world’s first 100% circular-designed product range. This has been a mammoth undertaking (18 months of R&D), hence the independently verified world-first achievement status.

The beauty industry currently produces 120 billion units of waste every year, with the majority of this being non-recycled; this has the largest impact on the industry’s carbon emissions. Emma Lewisham’s circular, carbon positive business model is the only viable solution to the beauty industry meeting global climate targets.

Furthermore, to validate these world-first achievements, Emma Lewisham has gained written endorsement from iconic environmentalist, ethologist and United Nations Messenger of Peace, Dr Jane Goodall – who is proud to globally support these industry-shifting efforts.

Jane Gooddall by Stuart Clarke

Dr Jane Goodall said, “New Zealand beauty brand, Emma Lewisham, is demonstrating what it means to be a truly sustainable business. Through their carbon positive and circular business model, Emma Lewisham is creating environmental prosperity and showing their peers that this business model is not just possible but paramount if we are to make a meaningful difference.”

Scientifically backed, 100% natural skincare brand from New Zealand, Emma Lewisham has been committed to finding carbon positive and circular solutions to address the beauty industry’s waste and pollution problems since its inception in 2019.

Click here to view Jane Goodall's Endorsement Letter.