Great designers have an innate talent for creating beautiful work, a skill that can never be taught. It was for this reason that Erik Yvon was accepted into Melbourne’s RMIT with no practical sewing skills, equipped only with his vision and extensive portfolio of well thought out fashion illustrations.

“Studying fashion design at university was an eye opening experience into the industry. I had no idea how much work was involved in just one piece of clothing,” said Yvon.

After interning with different Australian fashion labels including Romance Was Born, and Neo Dia he quickly recognised he needed to take it a step further and follow his dream of launching a brand.

His designs are bold, culturally diverse, gender neutral and locally made in Melbourne where he endeavours to engage with local family run businesses to support the community.

The latest collection Gang Gang, which was recently featured in Vogue Italia, is what he will show at this year’s New Zealand Fashion Week where he hopes to achieve not only local but international industry attention to further build his brand.

“Our primary focus is to keep doing what we do best, beautiful and thoughtful garments. We take each day as it comes and enjoy ourselves in the process. You never know what the future holds.”