Eurofibers Appointed as New Premium Supplier

EuroFibers is an international supplier of digital infrastructure, and have recently been made the premium supplier for Twaron based ripcord types. The partnership came into effect on January 1st, positioning the supplier strongly amongst industry officials.

As a result of their appointment, ripcord orders can now be placed with the supplier, who is responsible for the handling of the full process. Marcel Alberts, the company’s managing director, released a statement celebrating the new deal. “EuroFibers has a dedicated mission in offering smart fibre solutions that enhance features of High-Performance Fibres. I am very proud of the fact that the world market leader in aramid fibres has given us the confidence to transfer this business to us. We will do everything in our power to give our customers the best possible service and highest quality and to respond even better to the demands from the market and the wishes of the customer.”

Twaron filament yarn can be used for a variety of products which require high-performance materials. Available through Eurofibers are the ripcords labelled Rip Rc, Rips WB and the newly introduced Ripo PS. Eurofiber is known for their impeccably fast repair times in the market, and markets themselves as a ‘lifeline for the digital society’.