Maybelline teams up with Puma for an Empowering Beauty Line

A new collaborative beauty collection is set to hit the market on February 8th. The L’Oréal owned beauty company Maybelline has teamed up with the elite sportswear brand Puma for the launch of a mini-product line which includes five unique items.

The collection is heavily inspired by urban streetwear, tapping into Pumas signature aesthetic. The range includes a Smudge Proof Mascara, a Colour + Gloss Duo Face Stick and a Matte + Metallic Duo Eye Stick. Each product has been given a unique and hard-hitting name, in touch with the sportswear brands uplifting and powerful message. This includes Warrior Flow, Knockout and Hustle and Burn.

The senior vice president of marketing for Maybelline, Amy Whang, has released a statement celebrating the launch of their new range. “Both of us are going after the younger consumer — what we call the ‘hustle generation.’ They’re running around doing different things, working by day and DJing by night. We wanted to provide a product that would keep up with them.”

The collection will be released across 35 countries in February through the e-commerce store Ultra Beauty and will become available to retailers from March 17th.