Huffer Turns 25!

Founded April 01, 1997, Huffer is celebrating 25 years in business after this year after two gruelling years with Covid.

A quarter-century of seasons celebrating the never-ending mixtape that is life. Huffer was founded in the 90’s with influences from immersion in the skate and snow culture.  Their vision was simple, yet unique – to create functional clothing that looked as good on the snow as it did on the street. Today Huffer has achieved that and more. It has evolved from streetwear to a fully-fledged fashion brand with a street edge. 

Founder, Steve Dunstan, who remains in the business today, spoke to where it all began for Huffer's humble success story. “Huffer’s secret sauce has always been people, and subsequently, community."

"It all started at the Huffer Basement in central Auckland. This is where it all came together in one physical space. A place for us, a growing team, and friends to hang out. Full of rich memories through the years of highs and lows with many lessons learnt…our pathway has been shaped from our experiences. It was natural for us to want to hang out in the space and from there, Free Coffee Friday was born. We provided the Coffee, and our friends came along providing the chat. It was connection over a cup and it grew to be an event world-famous in the community.’

Huffer has successfully navigated fashion and function over the last 25 years. Their design philosophy strives to the three S's of ‘Seek, Socialise, and Survive’.

“Seek represents our garments that enable the want to discover through ability and innovation.

Socialise covers garments that fit in your 'everyday’ wardrobe enhancing your work/life balance. From work to the party and back again.

Survive is our outerwear collection drawing from why we started, to help you stay warm and dry. We create women’s dresses, printed t-shirts, and then 100% waterproof outer Down Jackets. It’s such a mix!” 

Founder Dunstan has a lot of wisdom and learnings about the brand, fashion, and life from his 25 years in the business. Well, there are a heck of a lot of highs and lows. We have been there and done that so many times its ridiculous!

Passion and dedication are really the keys to an NZ success story. We have the right team here at Huffer, so many of our team have been here for such and long-time so we retain all their knowledge and passion.  And life throws so many curve balls you just need to have a good Down jacket in your wardrobe to weather those storms!”

To celebrate their 25-year milestone, Huffer will be releasing a 25th-year collection that represents the very first 7-piece collection designed and made by Huffer. The collection has been in the making for over a year and truly captures the essence of why they started the brand. 

“We are constantly challenging our model, and we look to all for inspiration and now it’s very clear, we are home. NZ is our home, so you will see more great Kiwi collaborations, and a heck of a lot of Free Coffee Fridays when the time is right.”