Is Video Technology Transforming The Retail Industry?

When COVID-19 hit, retail had to rethink many aspects of its business model from how it communicated with staff all the way through to reimagining the customer experience. Many customers loved the new hybrid approach to shopping – a fusion between ‘bricks and mortar’ physical store experiences with e-commerce options helped customers to rediscover, interact and purchase their favourite brands.

A survey of New Zealand consumers from Shopify revealed that (88%) of New Zealanders say that COVID-19 will impact the way they shop, with the most common outcome being an increase in online shopping (mentioned by 60% of shoppers).

As retail is a highly visual industry, so it’s no surprise that video technology has been hugely important to many businesses to help them reimagine what work could look like out on the ‘shop floor’. As the workforce transitions to a hybrid working world, Neat, a next-generation video device company, is helping transform the way retail businesses improve workflows and the customer experience using video. 

Video technology is enabling retailers and helping them manage through disruption while also enhancing the employee and customer experience. Leading high-end Australian fashion retailer Incu, whose online shop delivers to New Zealand customers, sought out video technology to retain a sense of community within their workplace. Being in the fashion industry, purchasing apparel can be a very tactile experience, which can be particularly difficult when purchasing items online and unable to travel. 

These advanced technological impacts have the potential to redirect the future of retail shopping.