When Jordan Barron was just 18, what started as a normal night with friends at a bar in Christchurch took an unexpected turn when his now current agent Brya Windleburn from Red11 approached him with her business card. After Windleburn sent Barron's photo to the director of the agency, he met with the team in Auckland and was signed from there. Now part of the Red11 family, Jordan says that he sees Brya like a second mum and claims that her number is to this date probably the best he has ever received.

Wanting to complete his degree in Finance, Accounting and Commercial Law at the Victoria University of Wellington meant that Barron started off in the industry on a part-time basis, modelling only in his holidays and downtime. Now at 23 years old, Barron has been working full-time for more than a year and along with mother agency Red11, he is also signed internationally with Established in London, Mega in Berlin and Chic in Sydney.

Hailing from Huntingdon in England, Barron and his family moved to New Zealand when he was 12 years old. While his parents aren’t too familiar with the fashion industry, (his father is a teacher and his mother runs her own business) they are always incredibly proud; “my mum loves to tell all her friends what I’m getting up to. I recently did the Barkers campaign and I think she is getting the big poster of me!” His parents, along with godfather Barney, have been his biggest role models growing up; “They have always told me that talent only gets you so far but hard work opens so many more doors. These are the people who still inspire me as I know how hard they have worked to get where they are. Nothing is given to you and every successful person has had to put hard work in.” Also in the family are two younger brothers, one studying Law and Criminology in Wellington and the other a gifted sportsman and academic in high school. Barron is close with both brothers and supportive of their achievements, joking that they take after him with their talents.

After starting his career in New Zealand, modelling has since taken Barron around the world and given him a well-rounded experience, “New Zealand is a boutique version of overseas but still competitive and you have to keep in shape to look your best.” Although LA, Japan and Europe are amongst the places in the pipeline for the future, Barron is currently located in Sydney and happily focusing on work there for the time being.

Barron has already worked with many impressive names including the likes of Remix and Men’s Health magazines, General Pants, The Iconic, Stirling Sports and he’s even made it into film, appearing in The Changeover which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival this year. APC is at the top of Barron's list of dream brands to work with in the future.

Barron feels lucky to have fallen into the industry and claims his favourite part is meeting people that he otherwise would not get the chance to and explains “I’m modelling today to meet new people, expand my network and have fun. Your job is to be healthy and I get to do some of the most amazing experiences travelling around the world.” Barron says that the main challenge he faces is balancing work with his social life and his advice to aspiring models would be simply to have fun with it and run with opportunities.

If he wasn’t modelling today, Barron would be putting his degree to use and working within the finance sector “I previously worked in the private equity industry while I was in London, it was a fantastic experience mixing with CEO’s of large corporations. Property is something I am considering in the future but for now I am focusing fully on modelling.”