Kenzo Meets Beekeeping: RTW Spring 2021

Designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista turned to beekeepers for inspiration for Kenzo's latest ready-to-wear Spring 2021 collection.

A small jar of honey was left at the seats of Kenzo's Spring show, with bees buzzing by nearby flowers and models walking with their netted looks.

Baptista continues the Kenzo narrative of wanderlust and protection perfectly with this collection. With subtle utility features such as zipped pockets and compartments alongside colourful nets around brims of hats - similar to those found in a beekeepers suit.

The colour palette transforms from icy pastel blues through to crisp reds and floral prints. Spring is the perfect season to express your style through colour and Baptista definitely does not shy away from this.

The netting motif found in almost every piece of this collection is incorporated in a way that makes the looks actually seem airy and fairytale-like. The collection is surprisingly appealing, giving us a 'spring' back in our step.