Korean Thriller TV Series Disrupts Fashion Trends

What do green track suits, tuxedos, and white slip-on sneakers have in common? Squid Game. The Korean thriller became an overnight sensation as Netflix's most-watched show ever. So why is everyone buying track suits? It's not the pandemic and it's not because Halloween is around the corner. We saw the same trend happen with Bridgerton, Stranger Things and many other iconic cult TV shows. Netflix has the power of influence, so it's not a bad idea to be checking in on what's trending on screen.

From nylon red jumpsuits and even the tuxedos from the finale, it just goes to show the power of viewership. Since the show's debut on September 17th, global searches for 'retro-inspired tracksuits' have increased 97 percent. 'White slip-on sneakers' increased 145 percent. Even the 'red boiler suits' went up by 62 percent.

One of the show's key actresses Jung Ho-yeon became the newest global brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton, and her Instagram account shot to fame from 410,000 followers to well over 16 million in just three weeks.