International model, Mary Maguet was scouted through her Aunty on a Sunday morning at her church. Maguet is still with her mother agency, RPD Models, and now Why Not Milan as well. Since her first job doing an editorial for Black magazine she has quickly become one of the most sort after models in New Zealand. She can be seen walking throughout fashion week and shows alike all year round.

Maguet says her biggest achievement so far is not working overseas, but modeling for Kiwi designer Karen Walker in one of her recent campaigns. Describing herself as "blowing up" seeing her campaign everywhere in New Zealand, whether it was in-store, on websites, in local magazines, even her emails. When it comes to the fashion industry itself, she describes New Zealand as a lot "more chilled" than overseas. While in Milan, it was almost a matter of life or death for castings. Seeing the amount of stress so many models were under going to see such big names, "knowing you are so close but so far from that dream job," Maguet explains.

Maguet is inspired by musicians like Quentin Miller and Skepta who are very grounded and humble. She is also inspired by her cousin Awak who is just so simply content with life, "She's like that old wise turtle who's forever teaching me new things about life without realising it and grips reality in such a way that it's beautiful and sweet," said Maguet.

Her dream job is to walk for Valentino and maybe meet Naomi Campbell. When asked if she had any advice for the new generation of models, Maguet said "I would say being confident in yourself, knowing your worth and defining it for yourself is important. I don't mean being egotistical but actually loving yourself enough that whatever comes your way whether it be a good job or bad job, you can still find the joy in the stress of things."