Garmentory at NZFW

This will be the first New Zealand Fashion Week for Adele Tetangco at Garmentory. Normally, Garmentory only attends New York Fashion Weeks. “We thought that it would be an amazing opportunity to see what’s going on with all of the designers from New Zealand,” explained Tetangco. “Our customers are big Kowtow fans and there’s so much talk about movements in sustainability coming from the region. Plus, I’ve always heard that it’s such a beautiful country to visit. So, it was a no brainer!”

Tetangco calls Garmentory’s customers ‘early adopters’ as they are men and women who stand out in their friend circles. They set style trends and find what’s next in fashion before anyone else. Their customers have a strong sense of personal style and love discovering new brands and under the radar designers.

Interested in learning how designers operate out of New Zealand, Tetangco wants to get to know the market. “What are their business and design drivers? What obstacles do they face?”

When choosing a new supplier, Tetangco considers the aesthetic of the actual store, the point of view displayed via imagery, and the types of brands already carried. “I curate Garmentory just as a buyer would curate for their store.”