Saskia Anderson used to watch America's Next Top Model when she was younger and dreamed of being a model. "It seemed so glamorous and interesting to me and I really wanted to be part of it," explained Anderson. At the young age of 11, Anderson was scouted by 62 Models in Auckland and found that the modelling industry was a lot more than just getting your make up done. Five years later, Anderson says modelling is an extraordinary opportunity and has met so many interesting people that she would've never had the opportunity to meet outside of modelling. She found that she was given a lot of opportunities and more time to grow and be independent from modelling from such a young age.

When Anderson was younger she admired Tyra Banks and now finds herself inspired by local Kiwi models making it big overseas. Over the past five years, Anderson has worked with a large number of brands and labels such as Farmers, Once It, Moochi, RPM, Public Gallery, Magic Hollow, Sicky Magazine and so on. She was even featured on a Japanese TV show called Dance With Konno.

Anderson is currently signed with Image in Tokyo where she worked for a couple of months late last year, Chic in Sydney and her mother agency 62 Models in Auckland. Anderson recently returned from a brief few weeks working in Sydney. Anderson's advice for new faces or anyone seeking to join an agency is to be professional, dedicated and have a very flexible schedule.