Megan Pretorius

If she were not a model, Megan Pretorius would be indulging her creative side styling shoots and travelling to places with a history of the occult. Having already studied Fashion Design and Fine Arts, Pretorius is now studying a Bachelor of Arts. Her hope is to specialise in Anthropology, “I have a deep interest in people, the past, religion, art, ritual and occult practices in different cultures and would love to explore these in whatever direction or niche I can find for myself.” Pretorius became a model at 17 when she went to a casting for a designer looking for non-signed models and ended up signing with an agency. Since then, Pretorius has been with a few different agencies. Next on the agenda is going international - Pretorius would like to be signed by an overseas agency so she can work abroad and experience other cultures. Despite her success and ambitions for the future, Pretorius does not sugar coat a life of modelling; ‘There are a lot of hurdles to overcome in the modelling industry. Having dealt with anxiety and self-confidence issues in the past, it's taken a lot to learn to realise my own self-worth. Being involved in this industry has actually given me a platform on which to be who I want to be.’