Ana Maria Moore, owner of Bodyhaven Spa in Wellington. | Photo Credit: Rhiannon McConnell

A Wellington beauty professional has noticed an increase in male eyelash tinting, eyebrow work and other beauty regimes. The boom follows a growing trend of men focussing more on their appearance, investing in quality clothes and putting in the effort to present their best selves to the world.

"They want to make themselves look a little bit fresher. They want to have their lashes tinted, their eyebrows done. They absolutely want to look great," said Anna-Maria Moore, owner of Wellington's Bodyhaven Spa.

Bodyhaven, which is based in Wellington's Amora Hotel, received a World Luxury Spa Award for the Best Luxury Boutique Spa at an awards gala held in Switzerland.

"There's differences between what people like but there's a growing number of males who don't want to have hair on their legs anymore. Once they go for it they won't stop. Just got for it, experience it."