In autumn 2013 Aim'n founders Tekla and Helen got tired of wearing dull and uninspiring sportswear while doing the activities they love: surfing, kitesurfing, yoga, running and the good old gym workout.

The dream of Aim’n was born to boost and motivate themselves and others with their happy pants, up-to-date designs and prints inspired by our environment and things we like.

The new Aim'n Mermaid collection is very close to Tekla and Helen's hearts. The message to love yourself and not let anyone dull your sparkle is behind the Mermaid - Under The Surface campaign.

This message is loud and clear through this campaign video shot with influencer, model, designer and author, Nicole Falciani.

The Mermaid collection uses a hydro-blue hue as its hero colour throughout its designs. With ocean-inspired designs on their tights and a unique pearlescent sheen on their cap sleeve sports bra, Aim'n brings the longing of the ocean to you.

Discover the new collection, here.