Self-taught designer Cecilia Kang is a self-made fashionista, and one to watch at New Zealand Fashion Week. Her high-end vision got its start in 2015 when she launched her eponymous brand. Naming the brand after her given name was a symbolic act of self-celebration. It shows her as a powerful individual celebrating her place in the world; something she hopes to inspire others to do. 

She quickly got involved in designing garments for the pageant scene, where her love for sequins, satin and strong silhouettes took off. This is her first year showing at NZFW, and her nature-inspired collection is called Goddess in Garlands, A highlight piece is a black lace evening gown with statement bell sleeves and floral patterns - it’s dark forest-inspired. 

She creates each one-of-a-kind piece herself, from beginning to end. Though it’s tiring work, it’s rewarding and she hopes to have her garments stocked in available stores in New Zealand and overseas soon. She considers showing at NZFW a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to both showcase her skills and also her success as a young, thriving trans person. 

Photographer: Patric Seng @patricseng.photographer
Makeup & hair: Carron Wells @facememakeupandhairnz
Model: Grace Haselden @bintangmodels
Designer: Cecilia Kang @ceciliakangcouture