Retailers emails being ignored by customers

Girl on phone with social media chalkboard

Effective communication with their customers is crucial for retailers, and email remains the most dominant method, however many of these messages are being looked over by their recipients. Yes Lifecycle Marketing surveyed over 1000 customers to better understand this trend.

The study found that while email remains 47 per cent of customers preferred form of brand communication, many marketing emails are still being ignored. The primary reasons being inbox overload, irrelevant product recommendations or unhelpful content. The mobile shopping environment is crucial to appealing to younger consumers, with 42 per cent of continuing to give the subject line of their brand emails a moment of thought while inspecting their inbox.

While 60 per cent of customer still say they still go in store to see products in person, the importance of retaining consumers online attention is still at the forefront of retailer’s minds. 57 per cent of customer said they have used a retail app in store, we can see that online appeal is not separated from the physical store.

Suggestions from customers for fostering this online relationship included camera-ready murals and pop-up displays for younger customers to share on their different social media outlets.