Summer’s Never Cancelled

In a time where dates are ever-changing, one thing we know for sure; summer’s never cancelled. RUBY Creative Director Deanna Didovich presents 1.12.21, RUBY’s Resort 2021 collection that brings the year to a close and opens the door to their most-loved season.

As you turn the page to the 1st of December, 1.12.21 symbolises the genuine excitement marked by the first day of summer. 1.12.21 radiates a calm and light energy that transports you to a time of uncomplicated, unplanned days in the sun. Consider the idiom; ‘red sky at night, shepherd’s delight’. The evening sky begins to glow with a reddish hue, and you know for certain the most beautiful summer's day is to follow. This collection embodies the promise of better days to come, even if you don’t have anywhere to be.

The collection’s colour palette translates the sense of optimism that 1.12.21 manifests. Butter, espresso, tangerine, grape and lime melt into one another to form the essence of a Rubette summer.

Diffused and soaked in sunlight, the collection is the calm against the chaos. RUBY has tried to move away from the seasonal model but for this time only, they’re holding onto summer with 1.12.21.

First arrivals from RUBY Resort 2021 to drop Friday 5th November.