Traceable Line of Affordable Essentials Now For Men

First launched in 2019, Kiwi label Maggie Marilyn started her Somewhere collection. A line of acclaimed circular, seasonless, evergreen essentials. The Auckland-based brand has now welcomed Somewhere Man, the decision to embrace menswear was a natural progression.  Somewhere Man has been designed to simplify the task of dressing with a versatile wardrobe that offers effortless style, absolute comfort, and practicality. The launch includes the perfect white tee, classic linen shirt, must-have track pants and hoodie, smart blazer and relaxed fit trouser - all manufactured via a conscious and visible supply chain.

Somewhere Man has seen Maggie Marilyn be able to double their market size with no increase in operational R&D or supply chain investment. The initial research and development invested into Somewhere Womens - two years in the making - meant the fundamentals of a circular, traceable line of affordable essentials were already in place. In fact, Maggie Marilyn has been able to utilise the move and furthermore actualise its goals around regenerative farming.

With a doubled product offering, Maggie Marilyn has now secured orders at a farm level with the ZQRX Merino (regeneratively farmed NZ wool). The brand has been able to challenge what is widely known as accepted, and go beyond ‘sustainability’ by gaining a deep understanding about the complex interactions between farmers, climate, ecology and community.

And the brand has big plans - with Somewhere Womens now taking majority share (over 80 percent) of products sold, doubling this offer will continue to see the growth needed to be able to create lasting positive change. That goes beyond being quote on quote “sustainable” and decoupling growth from the use of finite resources, to use only renewable, regenerative materials to power the future of Somewhere. It’s ultimately about utilising this growth, and that requires the valued input of every stakeholder.