Perino by Woolyarns is a luxurious yarn blend expertly crafted with cashmere, merino, silk and New Zealand Brushtail Possum fibre. Sustainability is integral to Woolyarns as they value the importance of using resources efficiently, respecting nature and the environment and being aware of the needs of future generations. Constantly striving to strengthen their sustainability commitment, Woolyarns aim to maintain a solid and profitable business model that enables sustainable growth, allowing them to reinvest in machinery, technology and the community.

Woolyarns developed their own internal quality assurance system for manufacturing of yarns. All Perino yarns meet the European Union, REACH Standards confirming no harmful chemicals are used. Where possible, Woolyarns also reuse surplus material to reduce environmental impact and waste. Woolyarns’ dedication to reducing energy and water consumption ensures they comply with all statutory and governmental regulations including the Resource Management Act.

The New Zealand Brushtail Possum fibre is carefully sourced from just a small number of regions and only at certain times of the year. The New Zealand Brushtail Possum is a non-native, invasive animal that causes harm to its surroundings and wildlife. Woolyarns support New Zealand’s Department of Conservation and the New Zealand Fur Council to ensure the large population of New Zealand Brushtail Possums are ethically managed and to improve the regulations in trapping standards of their fur recovery.