The Home of Clean Beauty

The world of beauty and skincare can be intimidating, complicated and confusing. Clean Beauty Collective has made it their priority to make it a whole lot easier.

Self-confessed junkie Fleur Insley is the founder of Clean Beauty Collective and is an expert in all things clean beauty. She has tested hundreds of brands and products globally during her ongoing quest to find the very best for other New Zealand women.

During her 20 years working for the world's biggest beauty brands, Insley travelled the world testing, using and researching ingredients and brands. Her acquired knowledge, and a realisation that the physical and online space she wanted to shop natural beauty in New Zealand just didn't exist.

Insley has thoughtfully curated the very best non-toxic, cruelty-free, high performance and cult clean beauty products

Clean Beauty Collection is becoming New Zealand's go-to destination for the best of clean beauty from local brands around the world. Her curation favours active evidence-based and intelligent formulations that go beyond just natural and actually surpass their mainstream equivalents.

Insley is passionate about the change within the beauty industry and all Kiwis having access to quality clean products and ingredients education.

"Our collective is growing larger by the day. Clean Beauty Collective has gone from a beauty destination to a place where we can come together as a community to inspire, educate and provide a collective voice to fight for clear global industry standards," said Insley.

We research and test every product, so you know you're getting the best, cleanest beauty products available.

Local clean brands comprise of Aleph Beauty, Beauty Dust Co, Corbin Rd, Ethique, Tailor Skincare, and Trilogy. Kiwis can also discover international players such as Nuori, Foreo, Aether Beauty, Alder New York, Beuti and IMBIBE.

Exclusive to New Zealand, Clean Beauty Collective is the retailer and distributor for IMBIBE.