With fast fashion and overseas manufacturing making local production almost extinct in recent years, we have noticed a resurgence in the number of boutiques proudly expressing their garments are made in NZ. The Pattern Table is a one stop shop manufacturing hub in Mt Eden, Auckland making it all possible once again. Combing every aspect of the production process under one roof – this creates economies of scale which helps to keep the overall costs down. “How much is your time worth?” Asks Stephen Blase, managing director of The Patten Table. “In the beginning, we had production managers coming to us flustered, always rushing.” Brands had to work with pattern makers, fabric merchants, cutters, fusers, sewing machinists. Then sometimes sewing out workers don’t have access to buttonholers or button attaching machines, so brands then had to go to a trim attachment business. Then take the garments to the presser and so on. “How much time and money is spent on all the running around? Simply send the fabric and pattern to The Pattern Table, and you’ll get shop floor ready garments in return.”

The Pattern Table can also create custom-made garments for schools, restaurants, businesses and sports teams.

Based in Auckland, they can never compete with China when it comes to cost, however, what they can do is make the process easy and efficient. “Overall, it’s worth doing here in New Zealand.”

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