Emma Lewisham’s Beauty Circle Refill Programme

Emma Lewisham is continuously changing the game with its relentless pursuit of redefining the beauty industry.

Emma Lewisham has announced that they will expand their Beauty Circle initiative to include their new Refill Programme.

Currently, the global cosmetic industry produces 120 billion units of packaging every year. The main source of emissions in the industry comes from packaging, with only a small percentage of packaging accepted by local kerbside recycling programmes.

The United Nations has declared the current environmental trajectory as a ‘planetary crisis’, and the cosmetic industry is a gargantuan contributor. None of this information is new or unheard of, so it’s now imperative that leaders within the economy start driving positive environmental change.

Emma Lewisham offered refills from day one of its inception and offers them on all of its glass bottles. The Beauty Circle Refill Programme is an enhanced streamlined process to encourage customers to participate in the initiative.

Emma Lewisham will phase out non-refillable packaging by March 2021. Currently, it has two non-refillable products, both are created with 100 percent recycled plastic tubes. Emma Lewisham is currently investing in new refillable technologies in this plastic vessel space.

How the Refill Programme works

Simply purchase a ‘Refill’ option (for the available refillable products) on the Emma Lewisham website. You will then receive your Emma Lewisham order, which is a bottle that has been cleaned, sterilised and kept in circulation.

Inside your order bag will also be a return shipping label. Simply place your old empty bottle inside the order bag and place the shipping label on top, then either ring NZ Post to arrange a free pick up or drop your bag off to your local NZ Post shop.

Customers will use the same bag that their refill order arrived in to send back to Emma Lewisham; the bags are designed to be kept in circulation and can be reused several times. Emma Lewisham will offer a discount to incentivise customers to use the Refill Programme.

The impact?

When customers opt to use the Refill Programme there is quantifiable impact per product:

  • 70 percent less CO2 emissions created
  • 60 percent less energy wasted
  • 45 percent less water used

The Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle Recycling programme was the brand’s first major step towards achieving its goal of being a 100 percent circular brand by the end of 2021.