High Quality Mobile Phone Cameras Prove to be Popular

Image via Unsplash

Canstar has announced the winner of the 2020 Most Satisfied Customers of Smartphones in New Zealand, and it shows that one of the driving factors of customer satisfaction is a high-quality in-built camera.

In this technological day and age, almost every individual is a photographer in their own right, and mobile cameras that allow individuals to take photos for not only keepsake but for marketing campaigns has been proving to be important.

Thus, the winner this year is Huawei. More than 1340 Kiwis took part in the survey to discover the country's favourite smartphone. Huawei's focus on quality cameras, as well as battery life, is likely to have contributed to its success. Huawei's latest model, P40 Pro 5G, includes their Ultra Vision Leica Quad Camera which offers four different lenses to capture striking images at various times of the day.

The four cameras include an 'ultra vision' camera for extra light and clarity, a telephoto camera for extreme close-ups, an ultra-wide lens for low-light images and time-lapses and lastly, a depth-sensing camera for the popular out-of-focus bokeh effect shots.

The battery life of this new model is also worth praising, as it has technology that enables rapid battery charging and also the ability to share battery power with another device through reverse wireless charging.

"A good camera is now considered an essential offering of a modern smartphone," said Jose George, Canstar New Zealand General Manager.

"Kiwis expect to have top-end technology at their fingertips, and clearly appreciate Huawei's innovations in this space. This award is well deserved, and we congratulate Huawei for its success."

"After 15 years in the New Zealand market, Huawei is incredibly proud of the trust and connection we have with Kiwi customers," said Andrew Bowater, Deputy CEO of Huawei New Zealand.

Huawei has prioritised the features that matter the most to New Zealanders, and at the moment, that is battery life and camera quality. Huawei smartphones also offer Te Reo Maori as a full language option, thus, being a device that has been adapted very specifically for the New Zealand market.