Born and raised in Auckland, Luke Stockman lived in East Auckland for most of his life until he turned nineteen and left for overseas work. He grew up in a large family with five siblings and said things get a little crazy at times, especially when they were younger. Stockman said his family has a range of blended interests, and even now their unique passions have continued into their careers. “Some of those included owning and operating a hair salon, a manufacturing and designing jewellery company, photography and fashion, painting and a top Auckland rated mechanic work shop.”

Stockman left university after studying one year of a Fine Arts Degree and said it, unfortunately, wasn’t for him. Walking away with a diploma, he said he has been thinking about going back to university to study something in the field of psychology or human behaviour.

Growing up, Stockman looked up to comedians such as Jim Carey and Eddie Murphy as he had always been one for a good laugh. Now he looks up to individuals who have come out of stages of life where they weren’t happy. People like comedian Ricky Gervais, model David Gandy and Stockman’s friend and opportunity maker Andy Stienhauser.

Scouted at 16-years-old, Stockman didn’t sign to any agency until he was 24. “I decided to join the industry later as I had other things I wanted to accomplish and do before I started in the fashion world,” Stockman explained. He has been modelling full-time for the past three years and said no particular job has been his biggest achievement but said that his proudest achievement is to continue to be able to work and travel for the last nine years. “That was not easy to do, and there’s been a lot of ups and downs, but it’s something I always set out to do, finding ways to get around the world while not only enjoying myself but also paying the bills along the way,” he added.

Stockman is with nine agencies around the globe; Clyne Model Management in Auckland, Louisa Models in Germany, D Management in Italy, D1 Models in London, LA Models in Los Angeles, Avenue Management in Singapore, Model Management in Denmark, Model Link in Switzerland and his mother agent is DCMM.

He said he was lucky that modelling had taken him to so many parts of the world so far. Highlights include; New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Prague, Paris, Milan, Singapore, China and Australia. “It’s been amazing, and I’m very lucky to have had that opportunity to not only sign with these agencies but also go there and experience the countries,” he said.

At the beginning of Stockman’s modelling career, he was featured in a lot of magazines to get his portfolio together, but he decided after a few years to slow down and focus more on commercial jobs. Stockman said a key difference in the modelling international and local fashion industries is the social media aspect. “Overseas it plays a huge roll on models getting noticed and booked for jobs. It started to take off just as I was entering the business and now personally I think it has gone a little too far. People are now more focused on your Instagram page and your selfie pictures from your iPhone rather than your work portfolio that was gathered from shooting around the world,” he said.

Anyone who has worked in the fashion industry knows that there are very big ups and downs over the years. “Like any other career in the world, but my biggest challenge so far was learning how to dig myself out of those down moments as when the down moments hit, they hit hard and all at once.”

Travelling and working in other industries for five years before modelling, Stockman made a lot of connections and great friends around the world. “Fashion has enabled me to continue to travel and not only meet new people but get to see my friends from the past more frequently than I would be able. We have been able to share large life moments together like weddings, the birth of children and success stories in their chosen fields of work. The friends and connections are for sure the best part about this industry.”

Next Stockman is off to Sydney and then back to London and Germany for his main market in Europe. He would love to work with Hugo Boss.

His future plans are to get more involved in work behind the camera. “I have developed a passion over the last few years for more of the creative aspect of the industry and leaning away from being in front of the camera,” he explained. In particular, Stockman would like to be involved in the development and execution of video and photo shoots.

Very lucky to have several different careers in his 27-years, he made sure before he decided to commit full-time to modelling that he had experiences in other walks of life.

Before modelling, Stockman was a live entertainment host for comedy shows for three years on cruise lines around the world. He also worked as an athletics director for Massachusetts summer camps for three summers, and one on one with child social engagement and development in Spain. Currently, Stockham is looking for his next dream job.