MAE by Willa & Mae

From the luxury sleepwear brand comes Mae by Willa & Mae, an exploration of simplistic outwear for the casual customer. Breathless was inspired by the versatility and durability properties of natural fibres, and their ability to be transformed into comfortable and timeless staples.

Taking its name from the 1960's Jean-Luc Goddard film of the same name, Breatless pays specific attention to the female lead, Patricia, who exudes a boyish and relaxed style.

A neutral palette of black, white, blue, grey marle and stripes work together to bring forth the masculine undertones.

With comfort in mind, the collection is designed to be worn separately or layered together in an ultimate offering of carefree design.

MAE by Willa & Mae
Photography: Stephen Tilley
Styling: Jane Mow
Hair: Emma Bryce for Stephen Marr salons using Original & Mineral
Makeup: Abbie Gardiner using M.A.C
Model: Fabienne at Red11