A B Corporation business balances purpose and profit. Once certified, the business is legally required to consider the impact of their business decisions and processes on their workers. customers. suppliers, community and the environment.

Giving businesses this certification helps customers readily identify brands that are truly dedicated to the people and the environment.

Leading cosmetics and skincare brand, Arbonne, since their inception 40 years ago, is now a certified 'B corporation'. Taking their brand ethos one step further, Arbonne is now a business that meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability.

There are only 3,200+ companies who are a certified B Corporation in the world. Arbonne is adding to the global sustainability initiative by becoming certified.

You can now purchase Arbonne products with a peace of mind knowing that brands alike are easily identified with this prestigious certification. You can also review Arbonne's official assessment and report on the B Corporation website now.