Swarovski set to launch in Newmarket

Crystal cutting expert, master of light and sparkle, Swarovski, invites shoppers to their sparkling new store in Newmarket, Shop S287, 277-309 Broadway. In a refined and elegant atmosphere reflecting the brand's iconic facets, enjoy the world of Swarovski fashion accessories, home living masterpieces and dazzling watches.

The design and detail of the Newmarket store entail a 'Crystal Forest' concept. This concept is a modern expression of the company's identity and values, highlighting the infinite possibilities of crystal and illustrates the company's deep affinity with nature.

"Our store design is not only a tremendous illustration of Swarovski's contemporary vision and taste for design, this environment is perfect for us to share our commitment to excellence, a sense of creativity, surprise and delight" says Robert Buchbauer, member of the Swarovski Family and of the Executive board. This gorgeous new store is definitely no exception.

With a whole lot of new stores opening at 277 Newmarket, we can't wait to see Swarovski join the Newmarket family. Newmarket is the perfect destination for locals to enjoy and shop the latest fashion and accessories.

The Crystal Forest store welcomes shoppers today, 3rd October 2019. Swarovski and/or SCS members will receive a free Swarovski Remix Hexagon strand with any purchase to celebrate their grand opening.