Use This Tool To Check Your Wage Subsidy Eligibility

The Government has created an easy to use tool to find out whether you and your business are eligible for the Wage Subsidy Extension or the new Resurgence Wage Subsidy.

You can apply for the Wage Subsidy Extension, or the new Resurgence Wage Subsidy, if your business or you, as a contractor or sole trader, has experienced a further loss of revenue due to COVID-19. These subsidies are open to all businesses, all sectors and all regions and are intended to help you pay your staff or yourself, as a contractor.

You may be eligible to apply if you, or any of your staff are not currently receiving a wage subsidy or Leave Support payment.

Wage Subsidy Extension

The Wage Subsidy Extension helps businesses affected by COVID-19, and supports businesses and their staff to maintain an employment connection. It:

  • supports employers adversely affected by COVID-19, so that they can continue to pay their employees
  • supports workers to ensure they continue to receive income.

Who can apply for the Wage Subsidy Extension

The Wage Subsidy Extension is available to all businesses adversely affected by COVID-19 including:

  • self-employed
  • contractors
  • sole traders
  • registered charities
  • incorporated societies
  • post-settlement governance entities
  • pre-revenue research and development start-up companies that are seed or venture capital backed. 

The subsidy is generally not available to State sector organisations. These organisations should contact their monitoring agency if they wish to discuss an exception to become eligible to apply.

Resurgence Wage Subsidy

The Resurgence Wage Subsidy Scheme will be available from 1pm 21 August 2020. The scheme is to support employers, self-employed and sole traders, who are significantly impacted by COVID-19. It will provide a two-week subsidy to eligible firms. It is available for businesses throughout New Zealand.

Businesses experiencing an actual or predicted 40% revenue drop for any consecutive period of at least 14 days within the period of 12 August to 10 September compared to a similar period last year may be eligible. Applications for the scheme will be open from 21 August.

Recipients cannot receive the Resurgence and Wage Subsidy Extension at the same time for the same employee but are eligible to apply for the new Resurgence Scheme as soon as their entitlement under Wage Subsidy Extension expires.

For more detail on both subsidies click here.

This tool helps you check your eligibility for both the Wage Subsidy Extension and the Resurgence Wage Subsidy.

Applications close 11.59pm 1st September 2020.